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Asymmetric Synthesis

Life is chiral. Apparently simple, life shows an incredible level of complexity. Chiral molecules in enantipure form are ubiquitous in nature but also in drug development pipelines. With a proven track record, Enantia continuously works developing better approaches to produce from mg to multi Kg of these complex chiral molecules.

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Pharmaceutical co-crystals

The solid form of a chemical intermediate or an API is crucial and should not be neglected. The right solid form can lead to a more robust chemical process and can maximize the properties of a formulated drug. The wrong one may jeopardize an entire project. Learn what you can achieve through a co-crystal.

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We like to be seen as an extension to your team. Our commitment to pursue our clients' objectives is best demonstrated through a variety of true partnership agreements. Your objectives truly become our own.

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We care

Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility are key aspects of our mission as a company. Fully aware of the impact that industrial processes have on the environment, we strive to incorporate green chemistry fundamentals into our process design.

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From Lab to Plant

An integrated approach is one of the biggest differentiators of Enantia. Having experience in the different chemical stages of drug research and development, we understand the implications of all the decisions taken at any stage of the workflow. First time right is our motto.

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Latest news

Enantia's cocrystallization technology endorsed by a global partnership

An innovative cocrystal, obtained by Enantia working in collaboration with Esteve R&D, is part of the global partnership recently announced by Esteve and Mundipharma-Purdue.


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