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We work continuously in the resolution of chemical challenges and the creation of valuable processes for fine chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech industry

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Enantia’s holistic approach starts from an extensive bibliographic and IP search, which is then combined with brainstorming creative synthetic routes to target. A dynamic academic and industrial scientific board contributes to the design of new routes of synthesis, which are scouted in our laboratories.
The best identified route is then scaled-up and critical parameters are developed to ensure a quality and robust process for the production of the target molecule.
Fluent communication and transparency are always maintained with periodic meetings, conference calls and reports, all tailored to our clients needs, which facilitate a rapid and accurate technology transfer process. Learn more about our working principles.
Our strong points:

We can tackle almost every kind of organic chemistry project although we are known as experts in the field of asymmetric synthesis.
Moreover, we are able to rapidly satisfy custom synthesis requests up to kilo-lab scale in-house, such as the synthesis of:

  • APIs and intermediates
  • Samples and reference compounds
  • Metabolites
  • Repeat samples
  • Reagents, scaffolds and building blocks
  • Cold labelled compounds (13C, D, 15N..)

Our manufacturing partners can tackle projects which need special technologies like high pressure hydrogenations and low temperature reactions. If you additionally need any chemical development we can offer you an integrated service taking care of your project at any stage and moving it forward selecting the most suitable manufacture partner for your process. In any case the quality of the service and confidentiality will follow the highest standards.